Somewhere between North America and Europe, December 23rd, 2007

Sitting here on a plane, halfway over the Atlantic, grinding out web pages. Well, grinding is an analogy for something I enjoy doing.

I have always found impossible to describe the feeling/rush associated with doing this – anticipation, trying to be totally professional in a tight constrained environment, dealing with some who are so helpful and accommodating, and then being patient with complete assholes running on some power-trip, walking into the pit, checking out the lighting to anticipate its potential, joshing with my remarkably helpful comrades, (even though this is such a competitive field), checking out the audience, always with an eye for the pretty girls leaning over the barricades (never to old for that sort of nonsense) big boom of energy when the band comes on, then adrenalin hell for three songs, bouncing around from one end of the pit to the other, hating the lighting guy when he only uses red light (impossible to get a decent image – blows out the photo), and if the band is really good, one can actually hear the music. If, in my opinion, the band is total crap (which may be the case more often than one would think – (well, to each his own I suppose – heaven forbid, there are people out there who listen to country and western, or Christian rock (huh?) – this is America I live in now, where reality is stranger (or sadder) than fiction).

So, as I was rambling on about, lets put it this way, if the band has serious talent, and I can feel it, it influences how I take photographs. One becomes totally focused, and feels where the band is going, every shot is an attempt to capture the energy, creativity, atmosphere and feeling of the moment.

And now and then I have the joy of feeling 16 again, and fall in love with a talented performer – Hayley Nichole Williams from Paramore – wow – such energy, Avril Lavigne on charley, or Natasha Bedingfield, never mind the cheekbones to die for, a voice seriously under-rated – soulful, detailed, rich - a vibrant voice that, even if one could not understand the lyrics, would know how she feels.

So, back to the web pages. What does one write if not only the band is total crap, but they are not even interesting to photograph?

Well, if they are so unoriginal, or lack talent, that they invite parody, I will deliver it. If they sit in the middle – no comment. The best review I read of a crap band was, “They wore knee high level boots” ha. And, if they are absolutely astounding, I try to make comments that reflect this, but when standing next to a mountain of talent, most men, including me, will look like a pygmies.

So, all in all, notwithstanding the total mess humanity is, and is making of our fair and pleasant planet, I never cease to be amazed by the ability of people to be so unbelievably brilliant. One would think, that most of life is “been there, done that”, but the combinations and permutations of possibilties for new ideas still exists. Just as I am astounded by the talents of 15th/16th century composers such as Thomas Tallis, et. al. and all that was created till now, I get a rush every time I hear a new song that moves my soul.